Apr 21, 2012

i miss you.

it has been almost five yearss.
and i still cant believe it. 
seems like it was yesterday when i was only thirteen.
i saw your face. your big smilee.your eyess. 
you told me how proud you are, but i walked awayy.
there's nothing i wouldnt do to hear your voice again.
sometimes i wanna call you, but i know you wont be theree.
it's just so hard to say, 
if i had just one more dayy.
i would tell you how much that i miss you 
since you've been awayy.
 but today i am eighteen.
how fast and furious the time wass.
take a deeeppp breathhh.

pe nehh syamilaaa,
terimalahh qada' dan qadar Allahh. ye?
yahh. i have to. 

Walauu kau tiada di siniku tetap ingat semua pesanmu.
Ku hidup seolaholah kau masih ada bisikan kata kepadaku.

im a strong girl and i knew itt.
no doubtt. you go girl !
but seriously,
i miss my ayahh. 
my only ayahh.


  1. He will be happy if you happy too and be good girl

  2. be tough my dear friend:)
    miss u <3