Mar 11, 2014

part 2

hello, assalamualaikumm :D
ill try make it short.
im 20th. already, alhamdulillah.
Thanks Allah for the air that breathe in.
start the second part of my degree.
O Allah. I beg You, please ease our tasks.
Start a new life.
hailaaa yelahhh. duduk rumah sewaa.
its quite tough. frankly speaking here. IT'S HARD!
im a big girl. i should stay strong. this is just the beginning.
Be strong. be go girl!!
susah na cakap. but I knew You already knew what s in my mind.
please ease my family matter.
there's so many things to think of.
i need strength to bear those matter.
Please. Please. this is hard for me.
sometimes, idothinkthatimthealieninthehouse -.-
my own speculation. biarlahh.okayy
maaf.i wont say anything bout it okay.

Things that i've learnt:
  1. Its not easy to satisfy everyone
  2. Tolerance is important.
  3. Dont even think of yourself, others pun ade hati okay?
  4. Dont take anyone for granted
  5. Be grateful
  6. Dont even think that you always right. sometimes you are wrong :p
  7. Bersabarlah bebanyak. Now I knew my mom's feeling.
  8. Lastly, dont even post anything weird about others, youll create speculations yknow
  9. #PrayforMH370.
  10. Saranghaeyo. Moga allah Redha~~

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