Jul 10, 2013

a year.

hai assalamualaikum.
laman sesawang byk sawang. setahun dah ta mnuliss.
it is, hahah.

first of all, ahlan wasahlann ya ramadhan. happy fasting to all muslims on the earth. :) *EXCITED*

just now, i read balik posts before. back then, i was that kind of girl. the fun girl. acecece, perasann. i realized that i have lots of funn last year. there s so many changes. even the social life has changed. i didnt say that im no fun nowadayss, but yknoww, its totally differennt. and it make me sad somehow. why. im grownn up, aging. haha. * baru a year gap kann. naaaahh. thats no the matter now. im grown up, matured sikit. penganggur mcm post( s ) before jugakk. just finish my matriculation. its awesome to be there. i met more awesome people that change me a bit to a better person, how i manage to handle or suffer the probs, i turned to a quiet mila *yekee*,haha.
 wowwwowwowa year gap,
  • i lost my loveydovey opah,sobs
  • my orange kittycat gone,
  • im 19 now! alhamdulillah!
  • im fatter, alhamdulillah, rejeki isi
  • im taller?hee tipu.
  • im the same me. 
uolls rindu kitee tak? yes. perasan. setahun dahh berlalu. mana ada org baca belogg neh dahh. tp sukasukaa na tulehh, biaqq lee.

so, in this barakahh ramadhan, i hope we olls able to improve ourselves, do more good deeds coz the deeds makes u the mann yaww!
 lost some baby fats,hmpp! be nice, smile :)
sayang syamila!

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  1. akhirnya syamila memunculkan diri.. dah lama tak dengaq kabaq..

    salam ramadhan :)