Mar 19, 2012

wordless monday.

2 days to go.
should i yell or shout HOORAYY!!??
someone pls tell me. okayy.
last night i watched a movie.
da banyak kali da tgk actually.
but smlm baru terperasan bnde tuhhh.
lebeh kurang mcm neh laa kann.
while they are having their breakfast, the daughter asked her mother.
" Mom.   Do you ever wish you could go to another time?"
            "  I wouldn't mind giving back some of these wrinkles. " Okay."
            "  If you were given one do-over, anything in your life, what would it be??
             " Nothing."   Really?   Really. 
 "  But did you ever make a big mistake? Or a huge one that could change your life? What about that?
 " Well, Jenna, I know I made a lot of mistakes.....but I don't regret making any of them."
 "  How come?"
 " Because if I hadn't have made them..I wouldn't have learned how to make things right."

faham takk?? 

its okayy. learn from ur mistakes lahh kte baru tahu .what to do? how to improve?kan?

sekaiping him.
what?? bia lahh!

You are different.
Different is beautiful
 therefore, You Are Be-You-Tiful

No matter what happen. just keep smiling :)

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 nah nah nah!! senyum leeee.dye pon snyom
thats all