Feb 22, 2012

im wordless.

the thing is :
im not in the mood.*PMS?!*
pissed off lerr

( unsur baik,unsur jahat )

emotionalll la kauuu!!!

sabarrr, everything will be just fine *hopefully

rase na sepaksepak bjutajuta kali.*hilang ayu ler,haha

sabar lerr. ta rugi ponn

about to throw the DictionaryDewanBahasaDanPustaka
into your not-so-good-looking-FACE!! pfffft!!!

sudah lerr.tambah dose je kau ngate dye.

---the rest is historyy---

im tired and uninspired :(
tired of caring so much about the people that caring so-so-so little about me. Human being spend most of their time trying to fit in to a group of some sort. Most of the time, it's done so we can be around persons think that our presence matters.No one likes feel unwanted.It is more-more awkward moment when you think you are important to someone but sadly you are not. And it's very-very nice knowing that people get happier whenver you are around, and you are missed when you're not there.I guess eventually, everyone will find a group or someone that'll help them to dismantle the unwanted feeling. Sometimes, i feeeeeeeeel
like im waiting for something that isn't going to happen. Some of us say we'd rather have something than nothing at all,, but the truth is to have something halfway is harder than having nothing at all.

I fall.I rise.I make mistakes.I live.I learn.I've been hurt and Im alive.I'm an ordinary human and im may not-be-PUURRRRFECCTT as you , BUT i'm thankful enough.
Things may change.Life might be unfair but The Almighty's love is always there.
Always remember,no matter how useless you feel. you are someone's reason to smile :)))

haha :)
i'll see you soon.
30 days to go.Ya Allahh!
mati itu pasti result itu pasti ( copy ayat dilah ) ^^

syamila osmani

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