Feb 11, 2012

hoii hoii.

err. sje sje jep usha blog syara
i found dis gamee, pena da maen dulu2 pena ade at fb,
cambest la plakkk na memaenn.

  1. first, put your music library on shuffle okehh :)
  2. For each quest, click next
  3. must write the title song that appear as the answer
hehe. lets go go go !!

  • If someone says " is this okayy??" n i say:
Critical Acclaim- a7x * ohh really??
  • How would you describe yourself?? emm....
Mr. Simple-SuperJunior
* it suppose to be MISS,hee
  • What do you like in a guy/girl??
Next to you-JustinBieber
* emm. comecome sit next to me, mehh.haha
  • How do you feel todayy?? awesome :))
Terlanjur Cinta * whatwhat??gilaa.
  • What's your life purpose?
Perfect-Pink *wuu wuuu
*syamila means keSEMPURANAAN ;)
  • What's your motto??
In the Shadow- The Rasmus
*eeerr??not so truee :)
  • What do your friend( S ) think of you?
NeverSayNever-JustinBieber ft Jaden
* yahh. no turning backk puhhlease!!
  • What do you think about your parents?
Kalau Berpacaran *-_____-'''
  • What do you think about very often??
* im wearing GLASSES, soo??
  • What is 2+2??
Whataya want from me-AdamLambert
* yahh. na ape act, ta kan tatawu kiraa er?
  • What do you think of your bestfriend( S )??
Never Let You Go-JustinBieber
*haha. be close to me bebehh :))) gedikgedik
  • What do you think of a person you like??
Speak Now-Taylor Swift
anybody tell me???
  • What is your life story??
For The Rest Of My Life- MaherZain
* not so suree....
  • What do you want to be when you grow upp? getting bigger?hee
Jar of Hearts- Christina Perri
* what about liver, lung and kidney??hee
  • What do you think of when you see the person you like+love?
Cinta Teragung- Hazama
*seyesly ?? haha. ta betol.
  • What will you dance at your wedding??
Warzone-The Wanted
*cant imagine how it would like,hehe
  • What is your biggest fearr
Only Girl ( in the world )- Rihanna
* okayy, wont you make me feel like dat??
  • What will you post this as??
Freedom- MaherZain
*yess freedom.ever after

here it goess. haha. just for fun.
btw, no cheating lerrr. u wont got that fun:))

does it really works??haha

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